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Lezginka – Caucasian Passionate Dance

Lezginka is a popular folk dance in Caucasus.

Almost all Caucasian people dance Lezginka – Ossetians, Chechens, Georgians, Balkars, Abkhazians, Azeries and others.  You can see many commons in their performance, but there are also different features – characteristic only for the certain cultural group.

The dancers wear traditional costumes, with mandatory attribute – a sword.  Mostly it is a dance of males, although in some groups you can see Lezginka in couples. In this case Man has dominant role – he imitates an Eagle – King of the Sky. He demonstrates power, whilst the woman dances tenderly, smoothly. Continue reading


Improvement Of Inter-ethnic Relations – Why It Is Important

The Holy Bible says that once the whole Earth was of one language and one speech. And they decided to build a tower, whose top could reach the heaven. But the Lord was concerned: The Humans could reach any aim and confounded their language. Thus the people could not understand each other and scattered.

It sounds like a legend, but practice shows that it is true. Communication is the main prerequisite of peace and development. Research shows that ethnic groups with the least interaction have the greatest level of conflict.

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