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Hello Reader

Welcome again to the world of diversity and equality. Here you will see different stories, papers, policy analysis about peoples of the world; their cultures and traditions. I will try to keep this blog dynamic and interesting.

Though, every of you has a chance to share own story to the audience. Your contribution is important, so if you feel that you have something exciting, express yourself.

Here are some recommendations that should apply to your writings:

1. It should be an original content, not a copied article from the internet. If you translate something, indicate author and publisher.

2. The post should reflect positive experience on interethnic relations, cross-cultural cooperation.

International Communication
Commonication Through Communication

Some other suggested topics include: governmental policy on minority issues (I will appreciate critical analysis); review of legislation/situation in the certain country on inclusion mechanisms of religious/ethnic minorities; announcements, reports , evaluations of the trainings, seminars, conferences or other events on the above-mentioned issues; fictions, music, dances of different people, etc. You also may interview community member, or send examples of local folklore. Any other ideas are welcome. Just be creative and positive.

3. The post should be written into English. Please pay attention to language accuracy and include links, photos, podcasts, and remember about copyrights 🙂

Include your name, a short bio, picture (desirable) and mail me at I’ll try to review your post in 72 hours and publish, or reply my suggestions.

Remember! Posts that reflect content of call for violence, hatred, xenophobia,  discrimination, chauvinism, etc, will NEVER be published here!

Good luck!


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