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Development of online communications: from mIRC to Social Media

I remember the presentation when I first heard about Internet. It was very interesting and impressive. The presenter used analogies in order to express idea of World Wide Web. He drew a huge cloud on the blackboard and claimed that it was internet, full of different kinds of information: films, photos, books, chats, articles about media, communication, politics, history, sciences, sales, languages and so on. In short, there were unlimited resources for the people with all kind of interests. Then he said that typing http://www.your-desired.destination in the address bar you got direct way to the data. It was fun, but so extraordinary, that I still remember the definition even after 15 years. Continue reading


Pagan Holidays – Halloween and Berikaoba

A scary Halloween weekend is over. No more magicians, ghosts and witches wander on the earth. The world calmed down, and Halloween hysteria on different blogs is going to the end.


Happy Halloween Pumpkin


It is known that Halloween comes from the ancient Celtic religious rituals, although now it is much more fun rather than sacred ceremonies. Continue reading