Monthly Archives: January 2011

Nigerian in Tbilisi

After a long break I am back and trying to continue stories about different experiences, policies and inter-cultural relations. This time my story refers to African guy who lives and works in the Republic of Georgia. His name is Brian and he is a footballer. He arrived there couple of years ago. Here is a documentary (with English and Russian subtitles) which tells you Brian’s story.
As I can see he did not have easy life, he was a foreigner in the new country. In the first days he did not have even a shelter, but now everything is changed. Local family gave a space in the house. Recently Brian has a job and a family in Tbilisi. He speaks Georgian quite well and He’s a star of TV shows.

Please watch the video and share your story. Have you lived abroad? Was it easy to integrate in the local society? How they addressed foreigners? Were they helpful?