Peace Action Wisconsin

Hello from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is the city where I will spend summer internship. It’s a good place to get involved in various organizational activities, as well as in the cultural affairs.

 Milwaukee is a large and interesting city with a lot of historical places, multiethnic composition of the population. It is located at the Lake Michigan, counts more than 1.750 000 population in the metropolitan area.

 The city was founded in the early 1800s and still preserves old buildings, churches, etc. It is a center of festivals during summer period.

Milwaukee, WI

Here I will enjoy exceptional intercultural community, as well as contribute my time and ideas to Peace Action Wisconsin. It’s great opportunity to for exchange practice and learn how US non-profits work. I will compare experience of Georgian NGOs to the local one and will also see whether the theories I learned at Kent State work in the real world.

This is my internship host organization, with long history and experience.

October 8, 2009. PJSA conference participants took a "field trip" to Peace Action Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

 Starting from 1977, it was part of different groups that worked on anti-nuclear issues.

In its mission statement you will read the following:

“Peace Action-Wisconsin is a peace and justice organization which works for a world where human needs are met, the environment is preserved, and the threats of war and nuclear weapons have been abolished. We are committed to non-violence as a way of life and offer our members opportunities for education, lobbying and public witness.”

Peace Action Wisconsin is involved in local, national and international campaigns; lobbies, develops educational events on the following issues: Disarmament, Middle East Peace, Truth in Recruitment, Schools of the Americas Watch. Activities include film shows, round table discussions, public events and so on.

Peace Action is a member of coalitions, such as United for Peace and Justice, the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, the Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba, Friends of Palestine, Milwaukee Bolivarian Circles and the Milwaukee Justice Coalition.

Check the website of Peace Action Wisconsin for more information. Do you share same values? Do you want to live in the safer world? Do you want more expenditure on economic, environmental, cultural, social issues instead of military field?  Do you want to make difference and contribute in peace-building? Then join Peace Action and make donations. The organization offers different packages (individual, student, family household and so on) for various terms (one year, 3 years, lifetime).

If you are a resident of Milwaukee or its neighborhood, you can also visit Peace Action at 1001 E. Keefe Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53212. Phone number: 414-964-5158. Get a membership and access on free books and video library, magazines and other informational materials.

Join Peace Action on FaceBook! Here peace activists post about upcoming events. It’s also a good way for networking. There you will meet people with similar values.

Donate for Peace Action!

Get involved in the peace work!

Promote non-violent action!


One response to “Peace Action Wisconsin

  1. zhazira turlanbekova

    Thank you for sharing information about Peace Action Wisconsin and beautiful city.
    Also, I want to thank you that you post to facebook much information about scholarships. They are really useful.
    You are also inspiring me to visit your city. May be one day I come to visit it 🙂

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