Places to visit near Tbilisi

1. Mtskheta – former capital of Georgia, with Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. Here is Samtavro Nunnery; graves of first christian king and queen in Georgia; St. Nino church (St. Nino converted Georgia into christianity in the 4th century); Bebris Tsike (ruins of fortress).

2. Bagineti – ruins of ancient city. They are located near Mtskheta. Tourists can reach it by public transport (going from Tbilisi to Mtskheta). Sign on the road indicates location, then stairs lead to the sight. There are remnants of sarcophagus, royal baths, 2-cell building, pagan church built in the 1st century AD and other buildings. The place is clean, you can find benches to sit and enjoy beautiful view to Mtskheta and Mtkvari river.

3. Armazi – trail leads in the gorge, across the river. On the way you can see ruins of the monastery complex (now fathers’ monastery), at the end of the way – ruins of old fortress overlooking the gorge.

4. Zedazeni – Church, ruins at the top of the mountain. Huge iron cross, which can be seen from the central highway and picturesque view.

5. Saguramo – home-museum of famous Georgian public figure Ilia Chavchavadze (1837–1907). He was a writer, poet, journalist and lawyer; influenced development of Georgia, introduced liberal ideas. He was killed at Tsitsamuri, near Mtskheta. In 1987 he was canonized as Saint Ilia the Righteous.

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