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Locust Street Festival 2011

35th anniversary!

Sounds incredible, does not it?

Locust Street festival is one of the most famous festivals of Milwaukee, WI. It involves more and more artists and visitors year after year.

Different activities last all day long. Bands, performers occupy every corner. There are food stands, crafts, live music and street shows. People enjoy different genres of music. It is the day of universal entertainment.

This year it took place on June 12. It was the first festival that immediately followed my arrival in Milwaukee and I was really happy to feel the soul of the city.

Locust Street Festival opens with Beer Run! It’s amazing show with hundreds of participants! Men and women rush to the finish, making 4 beer stops. It’s funny and exciting!

Other street activities include giant dancing puppets, theater, shows of martial arts, hosting poets and authors, etc. Festival attendants can taste different food and beverages as well.

Besides, many organizations consider the festival as a community outreach opportunity. There they present various materials about their activities: newsletters, posters, T-shirts; talk to visitors; it is face-to-face conversation, direct dialogue of the organizations and their focus groups, mutual sharing of opinions.

Even in the crowded place you can notice Peace Action Milwaukee. Festival was a good fundraising opportunity for my organization. Selling goods, bumper stickers (which support peace) they get money for future events.

This kind of activity is common for American non-profits. They are not focused only grant writing. They also use different creative methods in order to get funds and meet organization’s needs. That’s what I learnt in Nonprofit Financial Resource Development class. Here I saw it in practice. Useful experience, is not it?

Peace action was not the only non-profit represented here. Woodland Pattern Book Center organized several activities, among them Community Ties Raffle and declared that “All the money raised by the Community Ties Raffle supports Woodland Pattern programming.”

You can learn more about the festival from the following articles and videos:

On my neighbor website you can read minute-by-minute report

You can join FaceBook page of the festival. It might be late for this year, but will get timely updates for the following one.

Watch video and fill the soul of the festival

One more video from Festival 2007. Enjoy it!